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Implementation of Travel Planning Activities

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Travel planning is a key component of any smart city strategy. It’s important to have tools in place that enable residents and visitors alike to plan their trips in an efficient manner. In this article, we’ll explore some of the key travel planning activities and technologies implemented by various cities around the world, including Barcelona, London and New York City. 

Travel Planner 

You can use the Travel Planner to plan your travel. The Travel Planner is an online tool that helps you plan your travel by providing information about the cost, duration and distance of the route. 

You can use it by following these steps: 

  • Select “Plan a Journey” on 
  • Enter your origin address into ‘From’ field 
  • Enter destination address into ‘To’ field or select from list of popular destinations if it’s already saved in your account (if not then enter it manually) 

Trip Finder 

Trip Finder is a tool that helps you find the best route for your trip. Trip Finder will help you choose the best route for your trip and can be used as part of the travel planning process, or as a stand-alone activity. It provides information about travel modes, connections and transfers, pricing and costs, walking distances between stops on a route (including escalator/elevator availability), driving time estimates based on real traffic data collected by Google Maps cars (where available), transit options available at each stop along with their schedules and fares if applicable; bicycle facilities at each stop if applicable; parking availability at each stop if applicable; accessibility information including elevator/escalator access points at each station that includes step counts per stairwell segment (if available) as well as floor numbers where elevators are located so users can plan their trips accordingly without having to walk long distances up or down stairs before catching their trains.

Bike Map Finder 

The Bike Map Finder is a great tool for finding bike routes, parking and other amenities in your community. You can also use this map to find out how far away you are from other locations, such as parks or schools. 

The bike map shows: 

  • The location of bike routes and parking spaces 
  • The distance between two locations (useful for planning trips) 
  • Information on the number of parking spots available at each location 

Smartphone Apps for Cycling and Walking Directions 

Smartphone apps can help you find a route, navigate to your destination and even find bike parking. 

  • Find Cycle Route – This app uses the GPS on your phone to map out the best cycling routes in your area. It also provides information about hills, distance and elevation gain (the amount of vertical climb). 
  • Bikemap – This tool shows you where there are bike lanes or paths in cities around the world as well as nearby bike share stations so that you can plan out how far away from home you want to ride before docking your bike at one of them for free! 

Implementation of Travel Planning Activities 

As you might expect, there are a number of impediments to the implementation of travel planning activities. Some people simply do not know about the tools and resources available to them, while others may be unaware of how important it is for them to plan their trips in advance. Others may have time constraints that prevent them from using these tools, or they just don’t feel confident using them. 

If you find yourself in this situation or if someone you know does–you can help by educating yourself about what information is available and how it can benefit your loved one’s caregiving experience. You should also encourage him or her to make use of these resources whenever possible so he or she doesn’t have any trouble later on down the road! 


The results of this study show that there is room for improvement in the implementation of travel planning activities. The most common impediment is lack of time, indicating that people do not feel they have enough time to plan their trips. This finding suggests that planners should consider ways to make travel planning easier and more efficient so that people can save time while still using it effectively.